Call function from another class - field - Odoo v8


I'm struggling with this and I'm not so clear about it.

Let's say I have a function in a class:

class my_class(osv.Model): _name = 'my_class' _description = 'my description' def func (self, cr, uid, ids, name, arg, context=None): res = dict((id, 0) for id in ids) sur_res_obj = self.pool.get('contratos.user_input') for id in ids: res[id] = sur_res_obj.search(cr, uid, # SUPERUSER_ID, [('contratos_id', '=', id), ('state', '=', 'done')], context=context, count=True) return res columns = { 'function': fields.function(_get_func, string="Number of completed Contratos", type="integer"), my_class()

Now I want to call this very same function from another class-object:

class another_class(osv.Model): _inherit = 'my_class' _name = 'my_class' columns = { 'another_field' : fields.related('function', 'state', type='char', string = "Related field which calls a function from another object"), }

But this isn't working, I'm very confused about this, how can I call a function from another object in Odoov8?

I've heard about self.pool.get but I'm not really sure on how to invoke it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Since you're using odoo8 you should use the new API. from the docs


In the new API the notion of Environment is introduced. Its main objective is to provide an encapsulation around cursor, user_id, model, and context, Recordset and caches

</blockquote> def my_func(self): other_object = self.env['another_class'] other_object.create(vals) # just using create as an example

That means you don't need to explicity pass cr, uid, ids, vals and context in your methods anymore and you don't use self.pool.get() even though it's still there for backward compatibility

env is dictionary-like object that is used to store instances of the Odoo models and other information so you can access other objects and their methods from any Odoo model.


def example(self, cr, uid, ids, context=None): otherClass = self.pool.get('my_class') ... otherClass.func(cr, uid, otherClassIds, name, arg, context)

<a href="http://abhishek-jaiswal.github.io/blog/odoov8/2014/11/15/odoo-v8-decorator.html" rel="nofollow">More information.</a>


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