MySQL query to retrieve items that have an exact match in a many-to-many relationship


I have the following tables:

Media: - mediaid - mediatitle MediaTag: - mediaid - mediatag Tag: - tagid - tagname

The following tags:

Tag: (1) - Public Tag: (2) - Premium Tag: (3) - Restricted

The following media with tags:

Media: (1) - Public Media: (2) - Premium & Restricted Media: (3) - Premium Media: (4) - Restricted Media: (5) - No tags

Assume that a user has permissions to see only Public (1) and Restricted (3) tags. If a media has a combination of tags that the user doesn't have explicit access to, he's not allowed to see it. If a media has no tag it's not visible at all. So the user in this case would be able to see only Media 1 and Media 4.

Is it possible to write a MySQL query to retrieve the media assuming I have the user permissions in the form of an array with tag IDs (1,3) ?


JOIN the three tables, and pass the array, that contain the tag Id's that the user has permissions to access them, to the IN predicate in the WHERE clause.

For instance for the array [1, 3], you can do this:

SELECT m.mediatitle, t.tagname FROM media m INNER JOIN MediaTag mt ON m.mediaid = mt.mediaid INNER JOIN Tag t ON mt.mediatag = t.tagid WHERE t.id IN (1, 3);

<strong>Update:</strong> To get only the mediatitles that had both tag ids (1, 3) for example, use a GROUP BY mediatitle with HAVING COUNT(tagname) = 2 like so:

SELECT m.mediatitle FROM media m INNER JOIN mediaTag mt ON m.mediaid = mt.mediaid INNER JOIN tag t ON mt.mediatag = t.tagid WHERE t.tagid IN (1, 3) GROUP BY m.mediatitle HAVING COUNT(t.tagname) = 2; <h2><a href="http://sqlfiddle.com/#!2/adf00/2" rel="nofollow">SQL Fiddle Demo</a></h2>


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