Haskell - parse error on input `=' [duplicate]


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when implementing the code for the "Towers of Hanoi" problem I get the following error message:

hanoi.hs:4:24: parse error on input `=' Failed, modules loaded: none. <hr />

Here is the code:

hanoi 1 i j = [(i, j)] hanoi n i j = hanoi n' i otherT ++ [(i,j)] ++ hanoi n' otherT j where n' = n-1 otherT = 1+2+3-i-j <hr />

Any Ideas?


Your editor and the compiler see the tabs differently. Avoid using tabs and indent with spaces:

hanoi 1 i j = [(i, j)] hanoi n i j = hanoi n' i otherT ++ [(i,j)] ++ hanoi n' otherT j where n' = n-1 otherT = 1+2+3-i-j

Good editors can be set up to do the right number of spaces automatically when you press tab.


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