Pure Layout supporting right to left


Does iOS pure Layout support right-to-left languages? How can we implement it in the code for the arabic language without the need to go to setting and select the region and format language



You can test in right-to-left layouts by selecting your app scheme in Xcode -> Edit Scheme... -> 'Run' -> 'Options' tab -> Application Language -> Right-to-Left pseudo language.

It is highly recommended that you use Auto Layout to specify your layouts in your views, and most of the work will be done for you if you run the app in these languages.

For more info, <a href="https://developer.apple.com/library/prerelease/ios/documentation/MacOSX/Conceptual/BPInternational/SupportingRight-To-LeftLanguages/SupportingRight-To-LeftLanguages.html" rel="nofollow">Supporting Right-to-Left Languages</a> is a great starter.


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