Function pointer in Visual Studio 2012


Please explain me where I am wrong. I want to switch between several encoding utilities using pointer to function. I declare it like

int (*enc_routine)();

Later I switch coding utilities like

enc_routine = g723_24_encoder;

where utility by itself is something like

extern int g723_24_encoder( int sample, int in_coding, struct g72x_state *state_ptr);

Everything was cute and fine on Linux, but now I am on Visual Studio 2012 and it says:


a value of type "int (*)(int sample, int in_coding, g72x_state *state_ptr)" cannot be assigned to an entity of type "int (*)()"


Thank you for help (if any)!


You need to declare the parameters for your function pointer. You can't declare it to take no parameters and set it equal to a function that requires 3 parameters. I'm shocked it worked on linux.


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