Specifying spaces between words


how could I use whitespaces in python that in the could I can specify how mach the space between the words

print "John and (5 spaces) Mark went to (3 spaces) London"

how could I specify 5 spaces as a code without typing it as " "


You could try this:

space = " " print "John and{}Mark went to{}London".format(space*5,space*3)

<a href="https://docs.python.org/2/library/string.html#formatspec" rel="nofollow">Here you can find more information</a>


is there anyway to use for example \s{5} ?

Am I understood corectly:

space = " " print "John and %s Mark went to %s London" % (space*5,space*3)


If you want the numbers of spaces in the template string instead of the arguments to format:

>>> "John and{0:5s}Mark went to{0:3s}London".format("") 'John and Mark went to London'


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