Fatal Error while trying to export a result of a query in mysql


I execute this query :

SELECT `COD_AG`, `NUM_CONJ`, `SIT_CONJ`, `PRF_CONJ`, `NAT_CONJ`, `NOM_PR_CONJ`, `DOTI_CONJ`, `CIN_A_CONJ`, `CIN_N_CONJ`, `DAT_SIT_CONJ` FROM `gipeord_conjoint`, `gestion_delegation`.`dataidentifpersonnel` WHERE `gipeord_conjoint`.`COD_AG`=`gestion_delegation`.`dataidentifpersonnel`.`PPR`

and then I have 2363 results and i select all records then click on export button to get the results in a sql file but i get this error :


<b>Fatal error</b>: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in <b>C:\wamp\apps\phpmyadmin3.2.0.1\libraries\sqlparser.lib.php</b> on line <b>271</b><br />


I changed parameters in the file php.ini but no change. What's the wrong here?

I applied that in phpmyadmin. (mysql)


Apart from changing the max_execution time in php.ini, you also need to change it in PHPMyAdmin's configs.

Locate C:\wamp\apps\phpmyadmin3.2.0.1\libraries\config.default.phpand change $cfg['ExecTimeLimit'] as needed.

Make sure you restart Apache.


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