javascript child function pass the return to the parent function return [duplicate]


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i want to pass the return from a "child" (i don't know the correct term) function to the return in the parent function... how is the correct way to do this? check_data() isn't returning true or false

function check_data(type,field){ var chkvalue = $(field).val(); $.post("mods/ajax.fieldchk.php", { chkvalue: chkvalue, type: type }, function(result){ if(result==0){ $(field).css({'background-color': '#faa', 'border': '1px solid #f00'}); return false; }else if(result==1){ $(field).css({'background-color': '#afa', 'border': '1px solid #0f0'}); return true; } }; }



Since $.post is an asynchronous function you can't use it to return data on check_data. However you can pass some callback and execute with true/false argument.

Something like this:

function check_data(type,field,callback){ var chkvalue = $(field).val(); $.post("mods/ajax.fieldchk.php", { chkvalue: chkvalue, type: type }, function(result){ if(result==0){ $(field).css({'background-color': '#faa', 'border': '1px solid #f00'}); callback(true); }else if(result==1){ $(field).css({'background-color': '#afa', 'border': '1px solid #0f0'}); callback(false); } }; }


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