Factorial does not work for all values


Hi everyone I edited my post because I have another problem with my code.I had a problem with the factorial function yesterday but I managed to solve it thanks to your answers , it was a ridiculous mistake. The problem now is that for some values that are higher than 15, the final results(not the factorials of individual numbers) are always 0 or -1 for the lesser values it works fine.Can someone tell me whats wrong with this code :

#include <iostream> #include<time.h> using namespace std; int factorial(int a){ if(a==1) return 1; else if(a==0) return 1; else return factorial(a-1)*a; } int main(){ std::cout.setf(std::ios_base::fixed, std::ios_base::floatfield); std::cout.precision(5); int n,k; int x,y,z,w,v; cout<<"give n : "; cin>>n; cout<<"give k : "; cin>>k; clock_t t; t = clock(); if(n>=k&&k>1){ x=factorial(n-1); y=factorial(k-1); z=factorial(n-1-k); w=factorial(n-k); v=factorial(k); cout<<"Result is "<<(x/(v*z))+(x/(y*w))<<endl; } else if (n==0||n==k) cout<<"Result is 1"<<endl; else cout<<"Result is 0"<<endl; t = clock() - t; cout<<"It took "<<t<<" clicks ("<<((float)t)/CLOCKS_PER_SEC<<" seconds )"<<endl; return 0; }


Integer overflow.

If int is 32 bits on your system, the largest value it can represent is 2147483647. 13 factorial is 6227020800.

If you use a 64-bit integer type such a long long, you can go up to 20 factorial.

Floating-point will give you more range, but with a loss of precision.

If you really need to compute large factorials, you'll need to use some multi-precision library like <a href="http://gmplib.org/" rel="nofollow">GMP</a>, or use a language that has built-in arbitrary-precision integer arithmetic (C doesn't).


The following might call factorial with a zero or negative argument:

z=factorial(n-1-k); w=factorial(n-k);

You need to make sure that your factorial function can handle such arguments without crashing (I suspect it doesn't).


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