dropdownlist selection returning null @ mvc4


I am trying to insert to database from view page which has dropdownlist , textbox's .. when i enter something and click on save means i am getting nothing from dropdown selection which is binded .

My code : @model IEnumerable<iWiseapp.Models.LObmodel> @using (@Html.BeginForm("stop", "Home", FormMethod.Post)) { @Html.DropDownList("Data",ViewBag.Data as SelectList,"select a sdsd",new {id="LOB_ID"}) @Html.DropDownListFor("sss",new SelectList(Model,"lob_id","lob_name")) , @Html.DropDownList("LObmodel", new SelectList(ViewBag.data ,"Value","Text")) @Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.lob_name, new SelectList(ViewBag.Titles,"Value","Text"))

I tried above all possibilities but nah i am confused nothing working out


[HttpGet] public ActionResult stop() { ServiceReference1.Service1Client ser_obj = new ServiceReference1.Service1Client(); IEnumerable<LobList> obj = ser_obj.GetData(); //i am Getting list of data through WCF from BUSINESS LAYER WHERE i created entities via EF List<SelectListItem> ls = new List<SelectListItem>(); foreach (var temp in obj) { ls.Add(new SelectListItem() { Text = temp.LOB_NAME, Value = temp.LOB_ID.ToString() }); } //then create a view model on your controller and pass this value to it ViewModel vm = new ViewModel(); vm.DropDown = ls; // where vm.DropDown = List<SelectListItem>(); THE COMMENTED CODE BELOW IS WHAT I AM DOING //var mode_obj = new List<LObmodel>(); //Created LOBmodel class in model which is excat same of entities in Business class //var jobList = new List<SelectListItem>(); //foreach (var job in obj) //{ // var item = new SelectListItem(); // item.Value = job.LOB_ID.ToString(); //the property you want to display i.e. Title // item.Text = job.LOB_NAME; // jobList.Add(item); //} //ViewBag.Data = jobList; return View(jobList); or return view (obj) }

Any expert advice is appreciated


public class template { public List<LobList> LOBs { get; set; } //LOBLIST FROM Entities in business layer public int selectedLobId { get; set; } public LobList SelectedLob { get { return LOBs.Single(u=>u.LOB_ID == selectedLobId) ;} } } AND public class LObmodel { public int LOB_ID { get; set; } public string LOB_NAME { get; set; } }


I would recommend putting the selectlist into your model instead of passing it through the view bag. The option you want is

@Html.DropDownListFor(model => model.lob_name, new SelectList(ViewBag.Titles,"Value","Text"))

you can set the selected item by setting model.lob_name on the controller and on post back that value will be set to the selected value of the dropdown

on your controller you can build the list like this

List<SelectListItem> ls = new List<SelectListItem>(); foreach(var temp in model){ //where model is your database ls.Add(new SelectListItem() { Text = temp.Text, Value = temp.Value }); } //then create a view model on your controller and pass this value to it LObmodel vm = new LObmodel(); vm.DropDown = ls; // where vm.DropDown = List<SelectListItem>(); return View(vm);

then on your view you can reference that

@Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.lob_name, Model.DropDown)

with your model add the select list

public class LObmodel { public int LOB_ID { get; set; } public string LOB_NAME { get; set; } public List<SelectListItem> DropDown { get; set; } }

then the top of your view would be

@model LObmodel


I had the same problem . But i changed the view code of DDL using this code :

@Html.DropDownListFor(x => x.ClassID, (SelectList)ViewBag.ClassName);

The dropdownlist will bind to your model class called ClassID You will not be able to post the textual value of the ddl to the controller, only the ID behind the ddl.


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