How to implement Baudot encoding


I'm trying to implement a <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baudot_code" rel="nofollow">Baudot character encoding</a> (a 6 bit per character code) in .Net. It's for a <a href="https://www.cospas-sarsat.org/" rel="nofollow">Cospas Sarsat device</a>.

I've started by deriving from the Encoding class:

public class BaudotEncoding : Encoding {

I'm looking for a simple, efficient way to implement a bidirectional character map (the map can be readonly):

Dictionary<char, int> CharacterMap = new Dictionary<char, int> { { ' ', 0x100100 }, { '-', 0x011000 }, { '/', 0x010111 }, { '0', 0x001101 }, { '1', 0x011101 }, { '2', 0x011001 }, ... }

I also need to figure out how to implement the GetBytes method of System.Text.Encoding

public override int GetBytes(char[] chars, int charIndex, int charCount, byte[] bytes, int byteIndex) {

I am having trouble figuring out how to implement this method because the characters don't fit in nice 8 bit sets.


Simple string constants may be sufficient for the mapping of chars to int values, and possibly faster than Dictionary. This quickly thrown together code shows the idea of what I was describing in <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22566845/is-there-a-built-in-type-for-a-lookup-reverse-lookup-table" rel="nofollow">your previous question</a>. I don't know how you want to handle the figures/letters issue, and you'd want to add range checking on arguments. You'll also need to test for correctness. But it shows the idea of just putting the char values in a string and using that to look up in both directions. Given an int value, it will be as fast as you can get. Given a char to do the reverse lookup will, I expect, be extremely fast as well.

public class Baudot { public const char Null = 'n'; public const char ShiftToFigures = 'f'; public const char ShiftToLetters = 'l'; public const char Undefined = 'u'; public const char Wru = 'w'; public const char Bell = 'b'; private const string Letters = "nE\nA SIU\rDRJNFCKTZLWHYPQOBGfMXVu"; private const string Figures = "n3\n- b87\rw4',!:(5\")2#6019?&u./;l"; public static char? GetFigure(int key) { char? c = Figures[key]; return (c != Undefined) ? c : null; } public static int? GetFigure(char c) { int? i = Figures.IndexOf(c); return (i >= 0) ? i : null; } public static char? GetLetter(int key) { char? c = Letters[key]; return (c != Undefined) ? c : null; } public static int? GetLetter(char c) { int? i = Letters.IndexOf(c); return (i >= 0) ? i : null; } }

You will also probably want to modify the simple handling of special characters I define as constants. For example, using char(0) for null, ASCII bell for bell (if there is such a thing). I just threw in quick lowercase letters for demonstration purposes.

I used nullable return values to demonstrate the notion of not finding something. But it might be simpler to just return the Undefined constant if a given int value does not map to anything, and -1 if the given char is not in the Baudot character set.


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