JQuery $('#image').addimagezoom, for pics dispersed from database


I have a variable that displays pictures that reference a row in a database.

When I use the the Javascript for magnifyzoom:

"$('#image1').addimagezoom({ // single image zoom zoomrange: [3, 10], magnifiersize: [300,300], magnifierpos: 'left', cursorshade: true, largeimage: '' " })

It will only zoom in on the first image. And then when I change the hash mark with a period, switching ID to CLASS, it will zoom in on all the images but it will disperse one type of image. If you need more information to help solve this riddle please let me know.


look like you need to use <strong>largeimage</strong> attribute in script.

$('.img').addimagezoom({ zoomrange: [6, 18], magnifiersize: [600,600], magnifierpos: 'right', cursorshade: true, cursorshadecolor: 'pink', cursorshadeopacity: 0.3, cursorshadeborder: '1px solid red', /*8888888 SEE HERE 8888888*/ largeimage: $(this).attr('src') //<-- No comma after last option! })

Fiddle below:

<a href="http://jsfiddle.net/s6TMs/10/" rel="nofollow">http://jsfiddle.net/s6TMs/10/</a>


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