Assign Wordpress Short code to PHP Variable?


I'm trying to compare a email address held in a PHP variable with a email address held in a short code in Wordpress, this is what I've tried so far:

$email = 'someone@something.com'; $user_email = do_shortcode('[userinfo field="user_email"]'); echo var_dump(strcmp($user_email, $email) === 0);

But the var_dump always returns false, I'm positive they are the exact same string!


By default the userinfo shortcode returns the data wrapped in a <span> tag. To suppress the span tag you can use the nospan-attribute.

The <a href="http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/user-meta-shortcodes/" rel="nofollow">description of the plugin</a> says the following:


[userinfo nospan="true"] should eliminate the surrounding span tag so the output can be used inside URLs or similar applications


So your code should look like that:

$email = 'someone@something.com'; $user_email = do_shortcode('[userinfo field="user_email" nospan="true"]'); $var = (string) $user_email; // Casts to string $var2 = (string) $email; // Casts to string echo var_dump(strcmp($var, $var2) === 0);


You should not use the shortcode for that but just the Wordpress API function to obtain the current users email address:

$email = 'someone@something.com'; global $user_email; get_currentuserinfo(); echo var_dump(strcmp($user_email, $email) === 0);

The Worpdress API function get_currentuserinfo() sets the global variable $user_email to the email address of the current user as a string.


See if there are any spaces and if any of the string needs to be trimmed, because if both the strings are same then your code seems to work already.

$email = 'someone@something.com'; $user_email = 'someone@something.com'; $var = (string) $user_email; // Casts to string $var2 = (string) $email; // Casts to string echo var_dump(strcmp($var, $var2) === 0);

Returns bool(true)

Probably do_shortcode('[userinfo field="user_email"]'); needs to be trimmed. Also you can simply echo $user_email before comparison to see if there is any unexpected value there.


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