Change back color of buttons based on correct/incorrect answer


I'm having trouble figuring out something.

I want the background color of the buttons to change based on whether the button clicked is the right answer or the wrong answer i.e. if the clicked button is the right answer, the background color changes to YellowGreen and if it is the wrong answer, the background color of all the wrong answers chages to red red and the right answer has a background color of YellowGreen so that the user is able to see if they got the question right or if they got it wrong, and which answer is the correct one.

It's like the first question comes up, there's four buttons, I click on the correct answer, it goes green and the wrong answers go red but then when I click Next and go to the next question, it no longer changes colors. The colors also don't change for some reason if I click one of the incorrect answers, only if I click the correct one first.

The four buttons are named button4, button5, button6 and button7. Example code I have (Have this for all four buttons):

if (qCorrect == 1) { button4.BackColor = Color.YellowGreen; button5.BackColor = Color.Red; button6.BackColor = Color.Red; button7.BackColor = Color.Red; }

On the btnNext_Click I have:

private void btnNext_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { // swap panels dPanel.Visible = false; qPanel.Visible = true; button4.BackColor = SystemColors.Control; button5.BackColor = SystemColors.Control; button6.BackColor = SystemColors.Control; button7.BackColor = SystemColors.Control; button4.Font = new Font(button4.Font.Name, button4.Font.Size, FontStyle.Regular); button5.Font = new Font(button5.Font.Name, button5.Font.Size, FontStyle.Regular); button6.Font = new Font(button6.Font.Name, button6.Font.Size, FontStyle.Regular); button7.Font = new Font(button7.Font.Name, button7.Font.Size, FontStyle.Regular); if ( qCounter != qSection ) { PickQuestion(); label5.Text = "Question " + qCounter.ToString() + " of " + qSection.ToString(); button4.Enabled = true; button5.Enabled = true; button6.Enabled = true; button7.Enabled = true; } else { btnNext.Enabled = false; label5.Text = "You answered " + qCorrect.ToString() + " questions correctly out of a possible " + qSection.ToString(); } }

Any help with the problem would be much much appreciated.


Okay, I got it! In your event-handlers for your answer-buttons, you are always incrementing qCorrect, but you only check for qCorrect == 1. If you have clicked the first answer, qCorrect will be 1 and when you answer the second time, qCorrect will be 2, but you check for qCorrect == 1. And so on...

When you set breakpoints in the button4_click and button6_click for easy-mode, you will see what I mean! Hope this helps you further.


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