InvalidRegistration both on C2DM & GCM


I'm trying to send Push Notifications via C2DM / GCM to an Android Application via PHP. No matter which i use, i keep getting the following :

For GCM : {"multicast_id":7672049265453358197,"success":0,"failure":1,"canonical_ids":0,"results":[{"error":"InvalidRegistration"}]}

For C2DM : Error=InvalidRegistration

After reading allot about this issue all day I'm still clueless as to why this is an InvalidRegistration as if i take the registatoin_id and use it to send a test push message via Urban Airship it works.

<ul><li>Notice that this is not an auth issue as i get a [http_code] => 200 back from google and not 401.</li> <li>If i send an empty registatoin_id or even omit just one char from it the error message changes to "MissingRegistration".</li> </ul>

Any help would be appreciated.


If you copied the apid from UrbanAirship then that's the problem:

<a href="http://docs.urbanairship.com/reference/glossary.html#term-apid" rel="nofollow">http://docs.urbanairship.com/reference/glossary.html#term-apid</a>


Airship Push Identifier


APIDs identify devices with transient registration IDs, such as Windows devices. These identifiers are version 4 UUIDs, and are 36 characters long, including dashes.


You need to get the device information from <a href="http://docs.urbanairship.com/api/ua.html#get--api-apids-(APID)" rel="nofollow">http://docs.urbanairship.com/api/ua.html#get--api-apids-(APID)</a> in the "gcm_registration_id" property. That's the registration id needed.

It seems you need to then keep track of that registration id as it is transient as suggested by UrbanAirship. But that's another topic.


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