MySQL & PHP: Send emails to the members who fall into last 3 active threads


My query below will get the last 3 active threads from my blog's commnets,

SELECT ID, Approved, RecipientID, RecipientScreenname, RecipientEmail FROM ( SELECT root_strings.str_id as ID, root_strings.str_approved as Approved, root_strings.mem_id as RecipientID, root_members_cfm.mem_screenname as RecipientScreenname, root_members_cfm.mem_firstname as RecipientFirstname, root_members_cfm.mem_email as RecipientEmail FROM root_strings LEFT JOIN root_members_cfm ON root_members_cfm.mem_id = root_strings.mem_id WHERE root_strings.parent_id = '1' AND root_strings.mem_id IS NOT NULL UNION ALL SELECT root_strings.str_id as ID, root_strings.str_approved as Approved, root_strings.mem_id as RecipientID, root_users.usr_screenname as RecipientScreenname, root_users.usr_firstname as RecipientFirstname, root_users.usr_email as RecipientEmail FROM root_strings LEFT JOIN root_users ON root_users.usr_id = root_strings.usr_id WHERE root_strings.parent_id = '1' AND root_strings.usr_id IS NOT NULL ) SQ ORDER BY ID DESC LIMIT 0,3

It returns a result like this,

ID Approved RecipientID RecipientScreenname RecipientEmail 14 1 3 x x@yahoo.co.uk 13 n/a NULL y y@yahoo.co.uk 13 n/a NULL y y@yahoo.co.uk

Then I will an email to each of them.

foreach($items_thread as $item_thread) { $sentmail = mail($item_thread['RecipientEmail'],$email_subject,$email_content,$email_headers); }

But the logic is not correct when you look closer as I will send y twice of the email!

y should just get one email. How can I fix it - should I fix the sql query or the php code?


The problem is that NULL!=NULL (nor is NULL=NULL), so DISTINCT does not consider the 2nd and 3rd results to be the same. If you change your query so that RecipientID shows as 0 (e.g COALESCE(RecipientID,0) AS RID) the problem will go away.


I have a solution for this now which is using array_unique, here it is <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5036403/php-remove-duplicate-items-in-an-array" rel="nofollow">Remove duplicate items from an array</a>


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