Prestashop 1.6 Webservice Order


I'm trying to finish my custom module to import clients, addresses, carts and orders from a webservice.

Clients, Adresses and Carts imports works fine but when trying to insert new Order, it returns this error:

This call to PrestaShop Web Services failed and returned an HTTP status of 500. That means: Internal Server Error.

If i take a look to my apache2 error.log I can see this error:

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function validateOrder() on boolean in /var/www/html/prestashop_pool/myshop/classes/order/Order.php on line 1463

This piece of code is the ones related to the order adittion via WebService:

// Getting the structure of an order $xml = $webService->get(array('url' => PS_SHOP_PATH .'api/orders/?schema=blank')); // Adding dinamic and required fields // Required $xml->order->id_address_delivery = $id_address; // Customer address $xml->order->id_address_invoice = $id_address; $xml->order->id_cart = $id_cart; $xml->order->id_currency = $id_currency; $xml->order->id_lang = $id_lang; $xml->order->id_customer = $id_customer; $xml->order->id_carrier = $id_carrier; $xml->order->module = $order_module; $xml->order->payment = $order_payment; $xml->order->total_paid = $total_paid; $xml->order->total_paid_real = $total_paid_real; $xml->order->total_products = $total_products; $xml->order->total_products_wt = $total_products_wt; $xml->order->conversion_rate = 1; // Others $xml->order->valid = 1; $xml->order->current_state = $id_status; $xml->order->total_discounts = $total_discounts; $xml->order->total_discounts_tax_incl = $total_discounts_tax_incl; $xml->order->total_discounts_tax_excl = $total_discounts_tax_excl; $xml->order->total_paid_tax_incl = $total_paid_tax_incl; $xml->order->total_paid_tax_excl = $total_paid_tax_excl; $xml->order->total_shipping = $total_shipping; $xml->order->total_shipping_tax_incl = $total_shipping_tax_incl; $xml->order->total_shipping_tax_excl = $total_shipping_tax_excl; // Order Row. Required $xml->order->associations->order_rows->order_row[0]->product_id = $products[0]['id_product']; $xml->order->associations->order_rows->order_row[0]->product_attribute_id = $products[0]['id_product_attribute']; $xml->order->associations->order_rows->order_row[0]->product_quantity = $products[0]['quantity']; // Order Row. Others $xml->order->associations->order_rows->order_row[0]->product_name = $products[0]['name']; $xml->order->associations->order_rows->order_row[0]->product_reference = $products[0]['reference']; $xml->order->associations->order_rows->order_row[0]->product_price = $products[0]['product_price']; $xml->order->associations->order_rows->order_row[0]->unit_price_tax_incl = $products[0]['product_price']; $xml->order->associations->order_rows->order_row[0]->unit_price_tax_excl = $products[0]['product_price']; // Creating the order $opt = array( 'resource' => 'orders' ); $opt['postXml'] = $xml->asXML(); $xml = $webService->add( $opt ); $id_order = $xml->order->id

Anyone knows how to fix it?


It may be due to the wrong values you are passing in

$xml->order->module = $order_module; $xml->order->payment = $order_payment;

check this value, I think prestashop need ps_ prefix before adding module value.


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