Why does this CSS transition event not fire when two classes are added?



.horizontalTranslate { -webkit-transition: 3s; } .secondClass { background: red; }


<div class='box'></div>


var box = document.querySelector('.box'); box.addEventListener('webkitTransitionEnd', function(evt) { alert('Finished transition!'); }, false); function transitionBox() { // this works box.className = 'horizontalTranslate'; // this does not work // box.className = 'secondClass horizontalTranslate'; } setTimeout(transitionBox, 100);

Why does the transition event not fire when two classes are added rather than one? I've also tried chaining my CSS selector, a la .secondClass.horizontalTranslate { ... }.


The reason is that box.className = 'horizontalTranslate'; is actually removing styling, causing the CSS transition to actually happen. But when I set box.className = 'secondClass horizontalTranslate';, the styling of the DOM node is not changing and no event is fired.

Another way to write transitionBox is this:

function transitionBox() { box.classList.add('horizontalTranslate'); box.classList.add('blue'); }

If blue changes the styling of box, this works too.


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