How to use one print() in python to print list items line by line - not in one streak?


mister is a list of lists. print(mister) gives this in the Python shell:

[['ququ.kz', 1], ['gp.kz', 1], ['gmail.ru', 1], ['mail.ru', 1], ['tlc.com', 1], ['mail.ko', 1], ['microsoft.jp', 1], ['hotmail.eu', 1], ['soman.com', 1], ['swedenborgen.sn', 1], ['customergoogle.com', 1], ['mail.jp', 2], ['gmail.com', 3], ['mail.ru', 3], ['hotmail.com', 3], ['mail.jp', 3], ['mail.com', 4], ['hotmail.com', 4], ['gmail.com', 4], ['mail.kz', 5], ['mail.cn', 7], ['hotmail.com', 9], ['customers.kz', 9], ['microsoft.com', 10], ['conestogamall.com', 13]]

Can I use print() one time and get nice output - line by line, instead of one big streak? Or is the only solution:

for email_date_entry in mister: print(email_date_entry)

Is there another elegant way to use <strong>only one print call</strong>?


You can pass your list as <em>separate</em> arguments to print() using the * variable argument syntax:

print(*mister, sep='\n')

Now each element in mister is seen as a separate argument, and is printed with a \n separator:

>>> mister = [['ququ.kz', 1], ['gp.kz', 1], ['gmail.ru', 1], ['mail.ru', 1], ['tlc.com', 1], ['mail.ko', 1], ['microsoft.jp', 1], ['hotmail.eu', 1], ['soman.com', 1], ['swedenborgen.sn', 1], ['customergoogle.com', 1], ['mail.jp', 2], ['gmail.com', 3], ['mail.ru', 3], ['hotmail.com', 3], ['mail.jp', 3], ['mail.com', 4], ['hotmail.com', 4], ['gmail.com', 4], ['mail.kz', 5], ['mail.cn', 7], ['hotmail.com', 9], ['customers.kz', 9], ['microsoft.com', 10], ['conestogamall.com', 13]] >>> print(*mister, sep='\n') ['ququ.kz', 1] ['gp.kz', 1] ['gmail.ru', 1] ['mail.ru', 1] ['tlc.com', 1] ['mail.ko', 1] ['microsoft.jp', 1] ['hotmail.eu', 1] ['soman.com', 1] ['swedenborgen.sn', 1] ['customergoogle.com', 1] ['mail.jp', 2] ['gmail.com', 3] ['mail.ru', 3] ['hotmail.com', 3] ['mail.jp', 3] ['mail.com', 4] ['hotmail.com', 4] ['gmail.com', 4] ['mail.kz', 5] ['mail.cn', 7] ['hotmail.com', 9] ['customers.kz', 9] ['microsoft.com', 10] ['conestogamall.com', 13]


You can also use pprint (Pretty Print) from pprint module - it works for almost every type and usually gives nice output. Usage:

from pprint import pprint ... pprint(mister)


<strong>Edit based on @jonrsharpe's suggestion</strong>

Try this:

print('\n'.join(map(str, mister)))

What this code does:

<ul><li>Converts to string every item in the list.</li> <li>Joins all obtained strings by a line break separator.</li> <li>Prints the result.</li> </ul>

This approach works for both Python2.x and Python3.x.


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