Jasmine Spec as Typescript File


I'm attempting to set up unit testing in my project, using Jasmine. I am writing my specs in Typescript. My first test is simply checking that a config file returns a value as expected. However, when I import the config, Jasmine can't find the spec. If I take out the import and fill in dummy values, everything works fine.

My spec file is:

/// <reference path="../typings/index.d.ts"/> process.env.ENV = "test"; process.env.TEST_DB_NAME= "test"; import environment = require("../config/config"); describe("Config Tests:", () => { it("db returns string", () => { expect(environment.db).toEqual(process.env.TEST_DB_NAME); }); });

environment.db should simply return my process.env.TEST_DB_NAME.

I feel this has to do something with the import at the beginning making Jasmine not find the describe(). Anyone know of a way to get Jasmine to work with imports or am I just going about testing this the wrong way?


If you call require directly in your file I think you need to create a module and export it. Another way that I have used import successfully has been to create an interface, export it, and then did something like this.

import IUser = UserList.Interfaces.IUser;

You can then use this as the type for a mock object.


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