c, Import text file with different lines and handle the lines


im trying to make a little program that reads a chat log and calculates some numbers. Thing is im not sure what command to use since the lines arent identical. Heres a few lines from the log

[22:56:37] Your strike was absorbed by a magical barrier!

[22:56:37] You miss!

[22:56:37] You attack Tylaia with your bright arcanium weighted bearded axe and hit for 70 (-41) damage!

[22:56:37] You critical hit Tylaia for an additional 19 damage!

[22:56:37] You hit Tylaia for 66 (-21) damage!

[22:56:37] You hit Tylaia for 17 extra damage!

[22:56:37] Tniatha hits your hand with her bright duskwood exceptional buckler for 72 damage!

[22:56:37] Tniatha critical hits you for an additionnal 32 damage!

[22:56:37] Tniatha does 8 extra damage to you!

[22:56:37] Tniatha hits you for 8 damage !

[22:56:37] You are enveloped in a cloud of dirt!

How can I import only the lines where the "damage" is done?

This is what i have so far;

#include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> typedef struct{ char your_self[15], char who_ever_else[15]; int damage_done, damage_taken, healing_done, healing_taken; } input; int main(void){ input *inputArray = malloc(1); read_log_file(&inputArray); return 0; } void read_log_file(input **inputArray, int *lineCount){ char your_self[15], char who_ever_else[15]; int damage_done, damage_taken, healing_done, healing_taken; FILE *inputFile; inputFile=fopen("chat.log", "r"); if(inputFile = NULL){ printf("File cant open"); exit(1); } }

Was thinking to do something like this;p

(fscanf(inputFile, ".............."...

But then since every line is not identical ill get the wrong values into my variables?

Thank you!


To find if the word "damage" is contained within a line:

if (strstr(line, "damage") != NULL) { /* "damage" found */ }


I recently wrote a similar code. Guess this will help

char *match; /* Read line by line - fgets reads only till a newline/ EOF - u can refer help*/ while (fgets(buffer, sizeof(buffer), fp)) { /* Search for pattern */ match = strstr(buffer,"damage"); if (match != NULL) { //Do ur stuff } }


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