How to define an object in actionscript 3 using a custom class


Hi my problem is i have to be able to reference certain fields inside my Customer object.]

I am studying AS3 at the moment and being taught custom classes, but we are taught to use the toString method of returning a value i guess you could call it, what i need is to be able to call one field to identify the object i.e. name field from the object in the array, here's my code

package valueObjects { public class Person { //instance variables protected var name:String; protected var address:String; protected var phoneNo:String; public function Person(n:String,a:String,p:String) { name=n; address=a; phoneNo=p; } public function toString():String { //returns string return name+":"+address+":"+phoneNo; } }


some reason it will not put that whole block of code together like <a href="http://gyazo.com/b9c3e972968bf357eb797e2df95e5d38" rel="nofollow">THIS IS</a>

So now how do i define it not toString but in object form ??


I think what you are trying to do is access the name, address and phoneNo vars from a different class?

If so, you have to declare them as public vars instead of private vars.

public var name:String; //now this can be accessed from other classes: thisClassInstance.name

If you want to have them read-only from other classes, you have to use a getter method:

protected var name_:String; //local var name for full access; public function get name():String { return name_; //this can be access by doing thisClassInstance.name }


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