why does my function is returning data type None??: Python datatype None


This is my python code for printing an absolute number. My function is returning type None. I am not getting what I have done wrong. Please help me.

def n(num): if num<0: return (num*-1) no = input("Enter a number: ") print "Absolute Value is: " print n(no)


def n(num): if num<0: return (num*-1) else: return num no = input("Enter a number: ") print "Absolute Value is: " print n(no)

writing an else statement will return num >= 0

Thank You :)


The return is on the condition. Try :

def n(num): if num<0: num *= -1 return num no = int(input("Enter a number: ")) print "Absolute Value is: " print n(no)


You really don't need your own function for absolute value...

no = input("Enter a number: ") print "Absolute Value is: ", abs(no)


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