laravel 5.3 upload file


I'm using laravel 5.3, and i want to upload a file to a directory. i've been following laravel documentation for uploading file, like this code :

public function store(Request $request) { $path = $request->attachment->store('attachment'); }

but it get an error


Call to a member function store() on string


previously on laravel 5.2, i've been use this code for uploading file and it's work

if ($request->hasFile('attachment')) { $destination = 'upload/attachment'; $file = $request->file('attachment'); $file->move($destination, $file->getClientOriginalName()); } $filelocation = $destination. "/" .$file->getClientOriginalName();

but in laravel 5.3 it's doesn't work, and i get an error


Undefined variable: destination


can you help what wrong with my code ?


public function store(Request $request) { $path = $request->attachment->store('attachment'); }

I don't think $request->attachment does what you are trying to do. Change that line to:

$request->file('attachment')->store('/your/destination/path') <hr />if($request->hasFile('attachment')){ $destination = 'upload/attachment'; $file = $request->file('attachment'); $file->move($destination, $file->getClientOriginalName()); } $filelocation = $destination. "/" .$file->getClientOriginalName();

When $request->hasFile('attachment') is false, $destination will not get declared. So when it reaches the $filelocation line you get an undefined variable.


In Larave 5.3 you can use simple upload file like this:


This save you file to storage/app/public/you-folder-src


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