select columns if happened on same date


I am trying to craft a query that will select multiple columns (uniqueID, IPaddress, date, country) but I would like the query only to select those records where the same IPaddress and UniqueID showed up on a given day. I have been trying ...

SELECT uniqueID AS uniqueID, IPAddress AS IPAddr, Date AS DDate, Location AS Countries, COUNT(IPAddress) AS IPCount FROM History WHERE (uniqueID= 20677) GROUP BY Date ORDER BY DDate DESC, IPAddr DESC

But it does eliminate records where only one Ip/UniqueID showed up on one day. I really only want to find records where the <strong>uniqueID showed up on the same day with different IPaddresses</strong>.


Not sure if I follow exactly, but sounds like you want to join a subquery:

SELECT a.* FROM History a JOIN ( SELECT uniqueID, Date, COUNT(DISTINCT IPAddress) FROM History GROUP BY uniqueID,Date HAVING COUNT(DISTINCT IPAddress) > 1 )b ON a.uniqueID = b.uniqueID AND a.date = b.date

EDIT: misread your with different IP addresses part, updated.

The subquery will show you all the records that have multiple ip addresses for the same uniqueID/date, then joining that to your history table shows you all the fields for the records you're after.


You need to group by three fields, if you are looking for duplicates amongst them:

SELECT uniqueID, IPAddress, "Date" AS DDate, Location AS Countries, COUNT(IPAddress) AS IPCount FROM History WHERE uniqueID = 20677 GROUP BY uniqueId, IPAddress, "Date" having IPCount > 1;

You dn't really need the uniqueid in the group by clause because you are selecting only one. However, I think it makes the intention of the query clearer.

As written, this will either generate an error (because location is not in the aggregation clause) or return a random value for location, if you are using MySQL). If the latter, try:

SELECT uniqueID, IPAddress, "Date" AS DDate, group_concat(Location) AS Countries, COUNT(IPAddress) AS IPCount FROM History WHERE uniqueID = 20677 GROUP BY uniqueId, IPAddress, "Date" having IPCount > 1;

Also, naming columns after data types and functions is not good idea. In many databases, date is both a data type and a function. Some other name, like DateAdded avoids this conflict.


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