url rewriting in joomla with htaccess


my joomla url is :


<a href="http://sitename.com/index.php/search/door?slug=" rel="nofollow">http://sitename.com/index.php/search/door?slug=</a><strong>101-jessica-alba-202</strong>


and make it to url like :




so what is the .htaccess rule for this. ??

i tried

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(([0-9]+)-(.*)-([0-9]+))\.sitename\.com$ RewriteRule ^$ index.php?option=com_name&view=viewname&slug=%1


There are multiple steps that need to be done in order to accomplish what you want:

<ul><li>You will need to enable wildcard subdomains on your domain (this can be done via cPanel)</li> <li>You will need to modify the appropriate router file to parse the first part of the URL (and not the last part).</li> <li>You will need to add the appropriate entries in the .htaccess file.</li> </ul>

So, it's just not only an .htaccess modification that will do what you want.


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