How to calculate the total marks for online Examination system in php


I am developing simple online Examination system. while adding Questions Admin enter the Correct score and Negative score for that question. But my problem is how to get the correct and negative score of each question and total marks.I am unable to get the results. Here below code is submitting test <strong>submittest.php</strong>

<?php require_once("db.php"); session_start(); $tot=0; $correct=0; $wrong=0; $ques=''; $answered=0; $wrong_answered=0; $resgiterno=$_POST['registerno']; //$id= $_SESSION['id']; foreach($_POST as $key=>$value) { $id=substr($key,7); $tot++; $answer=implode(",",$value); //if(dbSelect("questions","*","correct_option='$answer' and id='$id'","")) if($score_sql=mysql_query("select * from questions where correct_option='$answer' and id='$id'")) { $score=mysql_fetch_array($score_sql); $correct=$correct+$score['correct_score']; $wrong=$wrong+$score['negative_score']; //echo $val; $ques.=$id.","; } } $total_marks=$correct-$wrong; //echo "total score is $total_marks"; echo "Congratulations you have Completed the Exam"; ?>

<strong>Here how Displaying Questions Code</strong>

<div class="que_box_left"><div class="d1"><div class="option">a)</div><input name="answer_<?php echo $question['id']?>[]" type="checkbox" value="option_a" class="mar_ri" /></div> <div class="d2"><?php echo $question['option_a'] ?></div></div> <div class="que_box_left"><div class="d1"><div class="option">b)</div><input name="answer_<?php echo $question['id']?>[]" type="checkbox" value="option_b" class="mar_ri" /></div> <div class="d2"><?php echo $question['option_b']?></div></div> <div class="clear"></div> <div class="que_box_left"><div class="d1"><div class="option">c)</div><input name="answer_<?php echo $question['id']?>[]" type="checkbox" value="option_c" class="mar_ri" /></div> <div class="d2"><?php echo $question['option_c']?></div></div> <div class="que_box_left"><div class="d1"><div class="option">d)</div><input name="answer_<?php echo $question['id']?>[]" type="checkbox" value="option_d" class="mar_ri" /></div> <div class="d2"><?php echo $question['option_d']?> </div>

<strong>here how i send the data to above code submit-test.php</strong>

$('.form_test_submit').live("click",function(){ $.post("submit-test.php?testname="+testname,$('.form_test').serialize(),function(data){ alert(data); if(data=='Congratulations you have Completed the Exam') window.location.assign("results.php"); /* else window.location.assign("level.php?sid=<?php echo $student['sid'] ?>&eid=<?php echo $eid ?>&subid=<?php echo $subid ?>"); */ }); return false; });

By that code i am unable to get the Exact Results. please Help me. Thanks In advance


You can use session. On submission of true answer use session++ and for wrong use session-- and if you want to show both wrong and right answer you can use two sessions one for wrong and other is for right. On submission of true answer use right_session++ and for wrong ans use wrong_sesssion++.


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