How do I share data between repeated elements in React?


So I'm trying to create an expandable card component using React. I've set it up as below. It all works right now, I can tap on a card to expand it, and tap on it again to collapse it. Each card has its own state variable 'expanded'

var ExpandableListItem = React.createClass({ toggleCard: function(){ var self = this this.setState({ expanded: !self.state.expanded }) }, getInitialState: function(){ return { expanded: false } }, render: function(){ return ( <Card onTouchTap={this.toggleCard}> <CardText> {this.state.expanded ? 'Expanded Card' : 'Normal Card'} </CardText> </Card> ) } }) var CardList = React.createClass({ render: function(){ return ( <div> {this.props.repeatEntity.map(function(element, index) { return ( <ExpandableListItem text={element[index].week}></ExpandableListItem> )} )} </div> ) } })

What I want to have is, only one card open at a time, that is, if one is open and you tap on another one, the first must close.

I've tried having a global 'expanded' variable to handle this, but the state variables are not two-way bound (as in Angular), so I can't change the value of one card's state from another one.

Can someone help? Thanks.


<strong>SOLUTION</strong>: Let the parent component handle all expanded states.

<strong>HOW?</strong> Save an expanded state foreach item in your parent component (CardList). You can save the states in an separate array with the same length as repeatEntity and map them, for example with the index to the correct entity.

array = [true, false, false]; // [0. expanded state, 1. ..., 2. ...] entities = [{...}, {...}, {...}]; // [0. entity, 1. ..., 2. ...]

Alternatively you can add a variable expanded to each entity. Next you have to implement a callback function that takes the neccessary information to identify the toggled entity, as parameter. This would be the index or the entity object itself. Then, the callback function can change the matching expanded state of the passed entity.

handleCardItemToggle(entityIndex) { const expandedStates = this.state.entityStates; // set all values to 'false' expandedStates[entityIndex] = !expandedStates[entityIndex]; // toggle expanded-state of item this.setState({ entityStates: expandedStates }); }

At least you have to pass the callback and index to all items.

render: function(){ return ( <div> {this.props.repeatEntity.map(function(element, index) { return ( <ExpandableListItem id={index} isExpanded={this.state.entityStates[index]} handleToggle={this.handleCardItemToggle} text={element[index].week}></ExpandableListItem> )} )} </div> ) } // in ExpandableListItem toggleCard() { this.props.handleToggle(this.props.id); }

<strong>NOTE</strong>: Maybe there are some syntactical or semantical errors. Nevertheless, the approach should solve your problem.


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