AdventureWorks2012: For each customer, determine the number of orders created in year 2007. Show 0 f


AdventureWorks2012: Sql For each customer, determine the number of orders created in year 2007. If a customer has not created any order in year 2004, show 0 for that customer. Show: customer ID, # of orders created in 2007.


Same approach as in my other response - use a CTE (Common Table Expression) to determine number of sales for each customer in the year 2007:

-- determine the number and total of all sales in 2007 ;WITH SalesPerCustomer AS ( SELECT c.CustomerID, NumberOfSales = ISNULL(COUNT(soh.SalesOrderID), 0) FROM Sales.Customer c INNER JOIN Sales.SalesOrderHeader soh ON soh.CustomerID = c.CustomerID AND soh.OrderDate >= '20070101' AND soh.OrderDate < '20080101' GROUP BY c.CustomerID ) SELECT CustomerID , NumberOfSales FROM SalesPerCustomer ORDER BY NumberOfSales DESC

Ordered the output by number of sales descending, so you'll get the customer with the most sales first


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