vbscript dropdown in function without using HTML (classic ASP)


I am working on a classic asp page with a pre-existing vbscript function that forms a document.

Is there a way to make a dropdown within vbscript itself that doesn't depend on HTML?

I have an xml object with what is needed to load the dropdown but I need to load the actual dropdown.

Luckily, it just needs to print on the form, there is no save to a database.

There isn't much code to post except that it would go in a function such as:

Function getDropdownA(ByVal strInput) ' put dropdown here, loading into it the strInput End


Well , relative to your question.


Is there a way to make a dropdown within vbscript itself that doesn't depend on HTML?


A short answer is <strong>no</strong>.

Ok, Why not? because classic-asp like almost every other preprocessor languages for web applications, doesn't have the faculty to interact directly with your browser. instead the language provides you a set of methods to write and recieve data from the user-agent (not necesarry a browser).

and the browser relies on HTML,XHTML,CSS and derivatives to construct an interface to the user, and due to fact that preprocessor doesn't interact directly with HTML, that its the reason because you can't make a dropdown in pure vbscript bypassing HTML code.

i hope this answer provides a clear view about the scope of classic-asp and the related technologies


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