SQl server duplicate joins issue with different elements


Sorry, I am posting again with one more requirement.

can anyone please help: I tried to join with duplicate values but it is not coming as I wanted.

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS #TestTable1 DROP TABLE IF EXISTS #TestTable2 CREATE TABLE #TestTable1 ([No] varchar(50),[Value1] float,[Desc] varchar(50)) insert into #TestTable1 ([No],[Value1],[Desc]) Values (N'123953',300.02,N'Extra Pay') ,(N'123953',427.2,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',106.8,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',213.6,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',213.6,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',213.6,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',213.6,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',105.6,N'Basic Hours') CREATE TABLE #TestTable2 ([No] varchar(50),[Value2] float,[Desc] varchar(50)) insert into #TestTable2 ([No],[Value2],[Desc]) Values (N'123953',200.02,N'Extra Pay') ,(N'123953',553.02,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',446.67,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',427.2,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',106.8,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',213.6,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',213.6,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',213.6,N'Basic Hours') ,(N'123953',105.6,N'Basic Hours')

Desired Output:

[No],[Desc],[Value1],[Value2],[MatchResult] ,(N'123953',N'Extra Pay',300.02,200.02, False) ,(N'123953',N'Basic Hours',427.2,427.2, True) ,(N'123953',N'Basic Hours',106.8,106.8, True) ,(N'123953',N'Basic Hours',213.6,213.6, True) ,(N'123953',N'Basic Hours',213.6,213.6, True) ,(N'123953',N'Basic Hours',213.6,213.6, True) ,(N'123953',N'Basic Hours',213.6,NULL,NULL) ,(N'123953',N'Basic Hours',105.6,105.6, True)


--it looks to me like you should be able to force row_numbers onto duplicate rows, and therfore achieve a one-to-one join, leaving no match on the right as null

SELECT Q1.No, Q1.[desc], Q1.[value1],q2.[value2] FROM (SELECT [NO] , value1, [desc], ROW_NUMBER() over(partition by [NO] , value1, [desc] order by [no]) RN FROM #TestTable1 ) Q1 LEFT JOIN (SELECT [NO] , value2, [desc], ROW_NUMBER() over(partition by [NO] , value2, [desc] order by [no]) RN FROM #TestTable2 ) Q2 ON Q1.Value1=Q2.Value2 AND Q1.[No] = Q2.[NO] AND Q1.[desc] = Q2.[Desc] AND Q1.RN = Q2.rn


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