PHP regular expression


i have huge string that i need to separate information. Some parts of it vary and some dont. The difficulty i am facing is that i cant find a symbol or something on which i could get the match i want. So here is the string:

$str = "01;01;283;Póvoa do Vâle do Trigo;15315100 01;01;249;Alcafaz;;;;;;;;;;;3750;011;AGADÃO 01;01;2504;Caselho;;;;;;;;;;;3750;012;AGADÃO _ "15" '' ghdhghg AND IT CONTINUES

so if we look at the first part of the string (01;01;283;Póvoa do Vale do Trigo;15315100), what i want to stay with is:


and remove the rest of the stuff

in every case, but looking at the first example... : the 01 is always a number never superior to 2 (not 040 or 150505 or 4075) the same for the next 01 never superior to 2 (not 405 or 1565 or 425) then the 283 is the number that can be bigger, it varies (it can be 300 or 17581 or 40755794)

essentially in the end i want only the beginning of each part like:

01;01;283 01;01;249 01;01;2504 05,80,104258 94,76,56789124

sorry for any misspelling i am Portuguese

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i forget to say that this separated parts will then go to an array! so the regular expression should not match for example like this:

15315100 01;01;249

so i cant use .+ for example



Try this:


Should work.


Try the following. The regex is in the match_all line.

$str = "***01;01;283***;Póvoa do Vâle do Trigo;15315100 ***01;01;249***;Alcafaz;;;;;;;;;;;3750;011;AGADÃO "; preg_match_all("/\*\*\*[01][0-9];[01][0-9];[0-9]*\*\*\*.*?/", $str, $matches); print_r($matches);



<a href="http://regex101.com/r/yP9pD2" rel="nofollow">DEMO</a>

And maybe it would be easier to just get everything between ***XXX***


<a href="http://regex101.com/r/qE1cI6" rel="nofollow">DEMO</a>


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