Detect when process quits or is being killed due out of memory


My bash script is running some program in background and with wait command waits for it to stop. But there is a high possibility that the background process will be killed because it takes too much memory. I want my script to react differently for a process that ended up gently and for a killed one. How do I check this condition?


Make sure your command signals success (with exit code 0) when it succeeds, and failure (non-zero) when it fails.

When a process is killed with SIGKILL by the OOM killer, signaling failure is automatic. (The shell will consider the exit code of signal terminated processes to be 128 + the signal number, so 128+9=137 for SIGKILL).

You then use the fact that wait somepid exits with the same code as the command it waits on in an if statement:

yourcommand & pid=$! .... if wait $pid then echo "It exited successfully" else echo "It exited with failure" fi


usually they shutdown with a signal, try to have some signal hander function to handle unpredictable shutdowns, or worst case have another monitoring process, like a task manager.

did you try anything?

by the way some signals cant be handled, like segmentation faults, <strong>SIGSEGV</strong>


Simpler solution is

yourcommand if [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then echo "It exited successfully" else echo "It exited with failure, exitcode $?" fi


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