Return the number of remaining hits tweepy


EDIT: I am trying the following code in order to read a list of ids and get their corresponant names. I am trying to use reamin_search_limits in order to avoid rate_limit errors.

limits = api.rate_limit_status() remain_search_limits = limits['resources']['search']['/search/tweets']['remaining'] stream = open('myfile','w') ss = open('userNames', 'w') for ids in content: try: limits = api.rate_limit_status() remain_search_limits = limits['resources']['search']['/search/tweets']['remaining'] print 'you have', remain_search_limits, 'API calls remaining until next hour' if remain_search_limits < 2: dtcode = datetime.utcnow() unixtime = calendar.timegm(dtcode.utctimetuple()) sleeptime = rate_limit_json.get('reset_time_in_seconds') - unixtime + 10 print 'waiting ', sleeptime, 'seconds' sleep(sleeptime) else: user = api.get_user(ids) stream.write(str(user.id)+"\n") ss.write(str(user.name)+"\n") except (tweepy.TweepError) as e: print e stream.close() ss.close()

Everytime remain_search_limits is printed it return 180 until to get tweepError exception.


This example shows you how to access how many tweets are remaining.

print rate_limit_json["resources"]["search"]['/search/tweets']['remaining'] 180 "resources" is the key you should be using to access the information inside.

If you want to update the value, put it in a loop reassigning the value after your time.sleep().

Put all the code inside a while loop: Something like this:

limits = api.rate_limit_status() remain_search_limits = limits['resources']['search']['/search/tweets']['remaining'] while remain_search_limits >2: limits = api.rate_limit_status() remain_search_limits = limits['resources']['search']['/search/tweets']['remaining'] else: dtcode = datetime.utcnow() unixtime = calendar.timegm(dtcode.utctimetuple()) sleeptime = rate_limit_json.get('reset_time_in_seconds') - unixtime + 10 print 'waiting ', sleeptime, 'seconds' sleep(sleeptime)

I have not tested the code but it should be close to what you need.

You may want to sleep between calls, I am unfamiliar with the api so not sure exactly what you are doing.


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