Export from Excel to a word Document and insert a header in word


I have the following code:

Sub CreateRapport() Dim wdApp As Object Dim wd As Object On Error Resume Next Set wdApp = GetObject(, "Word.Application") If Err.Number <> 0 Then Set wdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application") End If On Error GoTo 0 Set wd = wdApp.Documents.Add wdApp.Visible = True Sheets("Rapport").Activate Set Rng = ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("A1:E76") Rng.Copy With wd.Range .Collapse Direction:=0 'Slutet av dokumentet .InsertParagraphAfter 'Lägg till rad .Collapse Direction:=0 'Slutet av dokumentet .PasteSpecial False, False, True 'Pasta som Enhanced Metafile End With End Sub

What it does is that it creates a word document with the data from range A1:E76

I want to insert a header in this word document that contains a picture and a name. The name in this header is in cell A1 in the same sheet.

Would be very thankful if anyone could help me with this. Thank you.


How to add text from cell A1 to the document:

wdApp.Selection.TypeText ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("A1").Text

How to turn the current text into a header:

'***** Word VBA constant wdStyleHeading1 = -2 wdApp.Selection.Style = -2

How to add an image:

wdApp.Selection.InlineShapes.AddPicture Filename:="PATH_TO_IMAGE", LinkToFile:=False, SaveWithDocument:=True

If you put the above code together and add it directly after the line wdApp.Visible = True you will get a header with an image at the end, but I can't tell from your question exactly how you want the document to look.


Code to show current header:

'***** Word VBA constant wdSeekCurrentPageHeader = 9 wdApp.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = 9

Show normal view:

'***** Word VBA constant wdSeekMainDocument = 0 wdApp.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = 0

Putting it all together, paste this after the line wdApp.Visible = True, this time without setting the style:

wdApp.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = 9 wdApp.Selection.TypeText ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("A1").Text wdApp.Selection.InlineShapes.AddPicture Filename:="PATH_TO_IMAGE", LinkToFile:=False, SaveWithDocument:=True wdApp.ActiveWindow.ActivePane.View.SeekView = 0

<strong>EDIT 2</strong>

My suggestion about transferring the embedded image from Excel to Word is to use copy and paste:

'***** copy image from cell B1 in Excel ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("B1").Copy '***** past image at the current position in Word wdApp.Selection.Paste

The code needs to go somewhere near the wdApp.Selection.TypeText command, depending on where you want the image to display.

<strong>EDIT 3</strong>

Code for adding page number field:

Selection.Fields.Add Range:=Selection.Range, Type:=wdFieldEmpty, Text:="PAGE ", PreserveFormatting:=True


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