Postgres pgAdmin III Access to Database Denied


I get the following error when attempting to connect to the Postgres instance on my server.

<em>Access to database denied The server doesn't grant access to the database: the server reports FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "fe80::2d93:af94:879c:4fa%12", user "postgres", database "postgres", SSL off</em>

I have tried the three obvious solutions found <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1287067/unable-to-connect-postgresql-to-remote-database-using-pgadmin" rel="nofollow">HERE</a>. Namely I attempted Syed Aslam solution found in that^ link.

I tested that I was restarting the service correctly by removing some config to break my local pgAdmin III connection. I have checked if my firewall was blocking the connection by temporarily turning it off.

Can anyone help me figure out why I am getting this error?

Postgres 9.4.1 <br /> pgadmin III version 1.20 <br /> Windows Server 2012 (host)<br /> Windows 7 (trying to connect from this to the host)


It turns out that I had an IPv4 as the IP address in my entry for the pg_hba.conf. After changing it to an IPv6 version like this:

IPv4 = IPv6 = ::/0

It all worked as I would have expected. The comment from user_0 and the documentation found <a href="http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.4/static/auth-pg-hba-conf.html" rel="nofollow">HERE</a> cleared it up for me.

Obviously the answer works in reverse if you're using an IPv6 when you should be using an IPv4.


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