setup relation for 1 to 1 with entity framework


How do I have to setup the modelbuilder for the ContactId?

A CountryCompanyAssignment has a relation to a Contact.

When I delete the CountryCompanyAssignment I do not want that the contact is lost.

When I create a CountryCompanyAssignment then I also need a contact to save the CountryCompanyAssignment.

I need to setup the relation between CountryCompanyAssignment and the ContactId because when I delete the CountryCompanyAssignment I get an error saying I should add a foreign key for the Contact to make it work.

This is what I tried:

modelBuilder.Entity<CountryCompanyAssignment>().HasRequired(e => e.Contact).WithRequiredDependent(e => e.); [Key] [Column(Order = 1)] public int Id { get; set; } [Key] [Column(Order = 1)] public string ContactId { get; set; } [Required] public string Test{ get; set; } [Required] public virtual Contact Contact { get; set; }


if you use a WithRequired, one of the PK must be a FK:

<ul><li>Contact.Id if WihtRequiredPrincipal</li> <li>Company.Id if WithRequiredDependent</li> </ul>

if you want to <strong>expose and choose</strong> the fk you must:

modelBuilder.Entity<Company>().HasRequired(x => x.Contact). WithMany().HasForeignKey(y => y.ContactId);


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