WPF Development in Visual Studio Tools for Applications


It is possible to do WPF development (MVC, or MVVM) in Visual Studio Tools for Applications 2012. I am trying to find the templates but they are not here. First day in a new place and I've never used this version before.

Any feedback would be great. Cheers!


Visual Studio <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_Studio_Tools_for_Applications" rel="nofollow">Tools for Applications</a> is a development environment for application extensions, like SQL Server Reports, InfoPoint, Word automation, and some third-party LOB applications. It cannot make stand-alone Windows executables.

You want Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop, VS Professional, Premium, or Ultimate.


Within Visual Studio, go to File -> New -> Project. In the New Project dialog, choose Templates -> either Visual C# or your language underneath Other Languages -> Windows. Then, you should see "WPF Application" in the list.


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