Django dynamic css implementation: only one item changes (background) dynamically. How to?


I would like to set up one single css style which gets the background dynamically from some django variable.

I think the added difficulty is that it is related to a:hover.

The original static style.css code runs like:

.titles-button h2 a { margin-left: 4em; margin-right: 4em; margin-top: 1em; margin-bottom: 1em; display: block; width: 240px; height: 80px; /* background: transparent url(../logos/djangoVX_logo.png) center left no-repeat; */ text-indent: -999em; border: 1px dashed green; } .titles-button h2 a:hover { /* background: transparent url(../logos/djangoVX_logo2.png) center left no-repeat; */ }

Note the background is now commented.

I would like to use this style within a DIV and update dynamically the background.


{% if the_apps_list %} {% for apps in the_apps_list %} <div class="titles-button"> <h2><a href="/{{ apps.app_name }}/" style="X">{{ apps.app_name }}</a></h2> </div> {% endfor %} {% else %}

No APPS are available. Internal Error.

{% endif %}

I did my best for "X" but with no results.

With the exception of: - Rewrite the full style in X - Use some javascript fancy stuff (on_mouse_over...) - I have even seen a class: inheritALL

None of this solution fits my idea of using django.

I might get the bull from the wrong side...

..which one is the right side?

cheers F


Let's say you have "dark" and "light" versions of background. Your code may look like:


... if i_want_dark_version: context['style']='dark' else: context['style']='light'


<div id="titles-button" class="{{ style }}"> ... </div>


#titles-button.dark h2 a { background: ...; } #titles-button.dark h2 a:hover { background: ...; } #titles-button.light h2 a { background: ...; } #titles-button.light h2 a:hover { background: ...; }


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