SONARQUBE editor tab in eclipse shows nothing


I have an java ejb project in my local drive.In the base directory i created sonar-project.properties file. After i started sonarqube in localhost:9000, I opened a command prompt and go to base directory and execute command sonar-runner. Project was successfully analyzed in localhost:9000.

Then I open eclipse and use the same project location as my workspace. When I associate this project with server running on localhost:9000 and do analyze, eclipse issue tab shows nothing. Also it does not show any errors.

What i am doing wrong?

sonar experts help me.

I am using,

<ol><li>Sonarqube 4.5</li> <li>sonarqube java analyzer 3.3 plugin</li> <li>Juno eclipse </li> </ol>


This is a regression that will be fixed in the upcoming 4.5.1 version of SonarQube. See <a href="https://jira.codehaus.org/browse/SONAR-5762" rel="nofollow">SONAR-5762</a>.


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