jquery masked input plugin set value digits



I have the above mask input format i want to know if it is possible to have a predefined value for x number of characters like for example

I want the first 5 letters to have a default and unchangeable numbers.

Sample number will be


here the numbers 639-27- should be always there meaning when the input has focus it will automatically be put there and cannot be changed.


<a href="http://digitalbush.com/projects/masked-input-plugin/" rel="nofollow">Plugin</a>


A workaround solution might be,

$.mask.definitions["9"] = null; $.mask.definitions["^"] = "[0-9]"; $(".id").mask("639-27-^^^-^^^-^^"); <ol><li>remove the definition for 9 </li> <li>add a definition for numeric regex with a new key ex. ^</li> <li>use the new definition </li> </ol>

<a href="http://jsfiddle.net/dzqrr0qm/" rel="nofollow">fiddle</a>

hope this helps


You can do it like this using the plugin: $(".id").mask("639-27-9999-999-99"); As they used 9 as their number definition, you can change it in their source code with any other character.


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