Module Not Found Error in Python 3.6 on windows command prompt


I have created a project like the below one:

project | | --package1 | | | -- <strong>init__py | --module1.py | | --package2 | --__init</strong>.py --module2.py

I want to import module1 into module2, (from package1 import module1)

In PyCharm everything is just working fine. But when I try to open the file "module2.py" from Windows10 command prompt I get ModuleNotFoundError:No module named 'module1' . I was looking for the solution but not a single one worked. I have set environment variable PYTHONPATH = I:\project\package1 I'm using python 3.6


By default, python only searches current directory. So you'll need to append the path a bit.

In module 2:

import sys sys.path.append('C:\PathTo\project\package1') import module1

That should fix the issue you were having.


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