How do I swap array elements using parallel assignment?


I am trying to swap two elements in an array like this

deck = [] (deck << (1..52).to_a << 'A' << 'B').flatten! p deck deck[deck.index("A")], deck[deck.index("B")] = deck[deck.index("B")], deck[deck.index("A")] #swap "A" and "B" p deck

But it doesnt swap. If i do this, however:

deck[52], deck[53] = deck[53], deck[52]

it works. Any suggestions?


To make things simple, let deck be just ['A', 'B']. Here is step-by-step evaluation:

deck = ['A', 'B'] deck[deck.index("A")], deck[deck.index("B")] = deck[deck.index("B")], deck[deck.index("A")] # deck == ['A', 'B'] deck[deck.index("A")], deck[deck.index("B")] = deck[1], deck[0] # deck == ['A', 'B'] deck[deck.index("A")], deck[deck.index("B")] = 'B', 'A' # deck == ['A', 'B'] deck[0], deck[deck.index("B")] = 'B', 'A' # deck == ['A', 'B'] # Applying first assignment. ..., deck[deck.index("B")] = ..., 'A' # deck == ['B', 'B'] # NOTE: deck.index("B") is 0 now, not 1! ..., deck[0] = ..., 'A' # deck == ['B', 'B'] # Applying second assignment. ... # deck == ['A', 'B']

So what your code actually does is just assinging twise to the same element of array.

In order to fix this issue, just save deck.index() values to temporary arrays:deck = [] (deck << (1..52).to_a << 'A' << 'B').flatten! p deck index_a, index_b = deck.index("A"), deck.index("B") deck[index_a], deck[index_b] = deck[index_b], deck[index_a] p deck


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