NHibernate parent-childs save redundant sql update executed


I'm trying to save (insert) parent object with a collection of child objects, all objects are new. I prefer to manually specify what to save\update and when so I do not use any cascade saves in mappings and flush sessions by myself. So basically I save this object graph like:

session.Save(Parent) foreach (var child in Parent.Childs) { session.Save(child); } session.Flush()

I expect this code to insert Parent row, then each child row, however NHibernate executes this SQL:

INSERT INTO PARENT.... INSERT INTO CHILD .... UPDATE CHILD SET ParentId=@1 WHERE Id=@2 //What the point of update if ParentId was set in previous query

This update statement is absolutely unnecessary, ParentId was already set correctly in INSERT. How do I get rid of it? Performance is very important for me.


I forgot "Inverse" in mappings on many-to-one collection.


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