How can I access other extJS objects from within extJS click events?


In the below code in the click event for my menuItem1 object, how can I change the html content of the renderContent object so when the user clicks the menu item's header, the content in the middle of the page changes?

(In all the examples I look at, the click events are creating new objects but not changing existing objects.)

Ext.onReady(function(){ var menuItem1 = new Ext.Panel({ id: 'panelStart', title: 'Start', html: 'This is the start menu item.', cls:'menuItem' }); var menuItem2 = new Ext.Panel({ id: 'panelApplication', title: 'Application', html: 'this is the application page', cls:'menuItem' }); var regionMenu = new Ext.Panel({ region:'west', split:true, width: 210, layout:'accordion', layoutConfig:{ animate:true }, items: [ menuItem1, menuItem2 ] }); var regionContent = new Ext.Panel({ region: 'center', padding:'10', autoScroll: true, html: 'this is the content' }); new Ext.Viewport({ layout: 'border', items: [ regionMenu, regionContent ] }); menuItem1.header.on('click', function() { alert('this appears in alert window'); // regionContent.set('html', 'new text'); //nothing appears, no error // regionContent.set('html', 'new text'); //nothing appears, no error // Ext.get('regionContent').html = 'new text'; //error: "regionContent is null" // Ext.getCmp('contentArea').html = 'the new text'; //nothing appears, no error // Ext.getCmp('contentArea').set('html', 'new text'); //error: "set is not a function" }); });


Try using the "update" method:

regionContent.update('new text');


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