Excel: Concatenate Cells and Remove Duplicates


how can I concatenate the Values in Cells B1:K1 to receive the string in A1. Empty cells should be omitted. Is this possible using Excel commands or only with vba?

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If you have Office 365 Excel then you can use an Array form of TEXTJOIN:

=TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,INDEX(1:1,,N(IF({1},MODE.MULT(IF((IFERROR(MATCH(B1:K1,B1:K1,0)=COLUMN(B1:K1)-MIN(COLUMN(B1:K1))+1,0))*(B1:K1<>""),COLUMN(B1:K1)*{1;1}))))))

Being an array it needs to be confirmed with Ctrl-Shift-Enter instead of Enter when exiting edit mode.

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If you do not have office 365 Excel you will need vba. This UDF will mimic the TEXTJOIN. Put it in a module attached to the workbook and use the formula as described above.

Function TEXTJOIN(delim As String, skipblank As Boolean, arr) Dim d As Long Dim c As Long Dim arr2() Dim t As Long, y As Long t = -1 y = -1 If TypeName(arr) = "Range" Then arr2 = arr.Value Else arr2 = arr End If On Error Resume Next t = UBound(arr2, 2) y = UBound(arr2, 1) On Error GoTo 0 If t >= 0 And y >= 0 Then For c = LBound(arr2, 1) To UBound(arr2, 1) For d = LBound(arr2, 1) To UBound(arr2, 2) If arr2(c, d) <> "" Or Not skipblank Then TEXTJOIN = TEXTJOIN & arr2(c, d) & delim End If Next d Next c Else For c = LBound(arr2) To UBound(arr2) If arr2(c) <> "" Or Not skipblank Then TEXTJOIN = TEXTJOIN & arr2(c) & delim End If Next c End If TEXTJOIN = Left(TEXTJOIN, Len(TEXTJOIN) - Len(delim)) End Function


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