How do you delete itemrenderers in a spark Listform for mobile?


I've got a spark ListForm with a custom mxml itemRenderer, all the itemRenderer has is:

<s:Label text="{data.name}" />

When I run the profiler, the listform is not re-using the itemRenderers, the instances keep going up and up, I'm using an arrayCollection as the dataprovider. I even call the dataprovider (arrayCollection) .removeAll() and the display goes blank, yet the number of instances of the itemRenderer does not go down. I then run the garbage collector in the profiler, and the item renderers still stay in memory. How can I remove the itemRenderers from memory?


if you just want a label as an item renderer then in mobile applications it's recommended to use the <a href="http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/spark/components/LabelItemRenderer.html" rel="nofollow">LabelItemRenderer </a>


Set the itemRenderer to null. When GC next runs, the item renderers in memory will be removed.


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