vbs: Show all Folder subfolders with an iterative script?


IS it possible to get all Subfolders (And the subfolders from the subfolders,...) of an Directory with an iterative script?

I already created it recursive but im not possible to do it iterative :/

Anyone an idea :O



You'll have to implement the stack which a recursive Sub/Function gives you for free:

Dim sSDir : sSDir = "..." walkDirIter goFS.GetFolder(sSDir) Sub walkDirIter(oDir) Dim dicStack : Set dicStack = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") Dim nCur : nCur = dicStack.Count Set dicStack(nCur) = oDir Do Until nCur >= dicStack.Count Dim oElm For Each oElm In dicStack(nCur).Files WScript.Echo oElm.Path Next For Each oElm In dicStack(nCur).SubFolders Set dicStack(dicStack.Count) = oElm Next nCur = nCur + 1 Loop End Sub ' walkDirIter

You could look at <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/a/10210862/603855" rel="nofollow">this recursive approach</a> for context/comparison.


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