Forcing a view in clearcase to equal parent stream


I have a clearcase view which I have not updated in quite some time. It has some view private files and I am sure a lot of other things as well. Is there anyway I can delete all the content of the view and force clearcase to give me everything again?

When i try to build the project from my view (After a rebase) I get a lot of build errors, but if I build the project from the actual stream, I get no build errors at all, so I am guessing my view is a bit messed up, and as I have no files I need to keep there, i would very much like to just reset it.

EDIT: I am using a snapshot view


First of all, you need to make sure that that your config spec reflect the config of your UCM Stream.

If we are talking about a snapshot view, simply delete everything in it (except the hidden view.dat file), and type (at the root directory of your snapshot view):

cleartool setcs -stream

That will force the view to:

<ul><li>rewrite its config spec in accordance with its associated Stream</li> <li>launch an update of your snapshot view.</li> </ul>


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