Access boost::function arguments


Is it possible to access the arguments contained in a boost::function type?

I'd like to be able to retrieve the address of the function to be called, and the values of the arguments provided for that function.


boost::function erases the implementation type, but if you know it, you can cast to it; since boost::function are comparable by value (== !=) the information is clearly available.

It looks like (from the function_base superclass of functionN) you can get the implementation object with:


Which will return NULL if you provided the wrong concrete type.

Also in function_base (probably not helpful beyond the target method above):

public: // should be protected, but GCC 2.95.3 will fail to allow access detail::function::vtable_base* vtable; mutable detail::function::function_buffer functor;

vtable gives you access to:

struct vtable_base { void (*manager)(const function_buffer& in_buffer, function_buffer& out_buffer, functor_manager_operation_type op); };

which can get you the typeid of the functor:

case get_functor_type_tag: out_buffer.type.type = &typeid(F); out_buffer.type.const_qualified = in_buffer.obj_ref.is_const_qualified; out_buffer.type.volatile_qualified = in_buffer.obj_ref.is_volatile_qualified; return; }

function_buffer (functor) is only useful for refs to function objects, bound (this is fixed) member functions ptrs, and free functions, where you haven't bound any arguments


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